Comfortable 4″ Thick, 15″ Diameter┬áseat cushion

Swing Arm or Ratched Body Support

Many Options Allow Ability to Customize

Contour Backrest (Optional) As Shown $386


Contoured 18″ x 18″ seat cushion

24″ powder-coated cast aluminum base

Dual adjustable lumbar backrest adds comfort

Modern design fits any office As Shown $386

Synchronized seat and backrest

Waterfall seat eliminates pinching

Deep seat pan for proper weight distribution

Contoured 18″ x 18″ seat cushion As Shown $548

Full sized, contoured 18″ x 15″ backrest

Contoured 18″ x 18″ saddle-style seat

Waterfall edges eliminate pinching

Improved circulation As Shown $648

Accommodates front to back reaching

Provides correct weight distribution, pelvic tilt, and comfort

Promotes muscular health As Shown $998


bambachmainPosture in the Bamback Saddle Stool is Painless and Practical.

Your Spine Maintains the natural S Shape even when bending over a patient

W/O Backrest $865 – W/ Backrest $1095