Tuttnauer Steam Vent Kit

Are you tired of your steam sterilizer ruining your cabinetry. This has been a problem with Tuttnauers for ages. However, our custom made steam vent kit is made to direct steam out from under cabinets to help prevent damage to overhead cabinetry.  (Please note, this will move the majority of steam forward by up to 9".)  It will fit the standard size Tuttnauer hole on 1730M, 1730MK, 2340M, 2340MK, 2340E, 2340EA, 2540M, 2540MK, 2540E, 2540EA, and EZ9, EZ10, and EZ11 series. Other models include the OCM and OCR by Pelton & Crane which we can easily custom make for you for the same price. Just include the unit type in the comments section and we will adjust accordingly.

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Price: $150.00

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