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Dental Equipment: New Parts Available!

Tuttnauer Steam Vent Kit – This part is made to direct steam out from under cabinets to help prevent damage to overhead cabinetry.

We had to do some maintenance upgrades on our site, so we have not updated our new products page recently.

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This piece was created to vent the steam away from under cabinets so it does not distort the wood or destroy the finish.  (Please note that this moves the majority of steam forward by up to 9″ and may not be enough for all cabinets.)  This is made from high quality ABS and is about 5″wx10″l x 1.5″ high.  Retails on our newly added page for $150.00

Also now available is the KAVO Enviroment handpiece hanger actuator.  Formerly part #2703436.  Includes the actuator and is a direct replacement for the original.  Also retails on our newly added page for $125.20151203_223056